Anja Perl

Life Coach

Be your NAture

Be your Source

Be yoUR Life

I walk with you to explore your flow through life...

a world full of aliveness,

in flux.

Still, something is missing inside.

Hunted by fear,

you run and never catch,


you stop,

you sense.

I am here.

I am safe

and deep roots are home

elements present

nature inside and out

interconnected and grounded

- feeling whole at last.

My Coaching Style...

resolves around trusting your own resourcefulness and being with what is alive in the present moment to find what is needed to move forward.

I believe that when we work together with nature, the inner and outer, the visible and invisible, we widen our horizon and grow with the flow of life.

Disclaimer. This work is not psychotherapy nor a substitute for psychotherapy. It is meant to explore and heal emotional pain and to make the brain a good place to be. If you have a psychiatric diagnosis or have contemplated suicide, this work is not clinically appropriate for your situation and should only be undertaken if you are also under the care of a qualified therapist or have the consent of a psychiatrist or psychologist.

FREE ½h session

Meet me and get a sense if you would like to work with me.

Individual Sessions

Online / In person / Outdoors

Sessions last 1 hour when happening online or in person. Though they can be up to 3 hours when working outdoors. This will be agreed upon and planned for in advance.


1h session 700 DKK

2h session 1200 DKK - outdoors

3h session 1800 DKK - outdoors

Package offer - 5 x 1h session 3100 DKK

I work with a price range.

Please contact me to find the right price for you.


Life starts with you - Testimonials

Anja's work with me over the last months has been a huge catalyst for me in my professional and personal spheres. Her generous calmness and peacefulness made the space we created together very safe and open. She continued to surprise me with new tools and exercises and techniques that made the work we did very concrete and down to earth. By the end of each session I was consistently clear-headed and resolved, with several very powerful souvenirs and a very clear plan of the next step to take.

Jody Ghani Nordby - Artist, DK

Anja’s coaching is both warm and playful, and deep and intuitive. I always look forward to my sessions with her.

Jenny Tipping, NVC Trainer & Coach, UK

I highly recommend Anja! My experience is that she brings creativity, playfulness, presence, and practicality to her work. She seems to easily access metaphors and new perspectives while also encouraging practical next steps. I especially enjoy that she brings a depth of spiritual experience and wisdom along with a foundation of grounding in the physical world. Working with her has brought me fun and insights. Through her care, compassion, and love, she has supported me in feeling safe to share sensitive topics, in nourishing hope and trust in me as well as encouraging new strategies going forward.

Jean McElhaney, NVC Trainer & Counselor, NZ

KURSUS - Høsttid, en animistisk oplevelse fra jord til bord

22.Sept kl.10-17, Viborg - på dansk / in Danish

Hvad kan høstes lige nu ind i dig, der har omsorg for jorden og alt levende på jorden som du er en del af?

Det er tid til at høste, og ikke kun frugter og grøntsager fra haven, nej, her taler vi også om at fordybe os i vores natur for at høste viden og gaver vi kan dele med hinanden.

Fordybelse, forundring, forandring:

🌿 Vil du opdage din indre årets høst og dyb forbindelse med dig selv gennem vores bedste vejledende tilgang?

🌿 Gennem forskellige guidede øvelser vil du finde det du kan høste. Hvad vil gerne blive set og værdsat nu?

🌿 Vi vil arbejde udendørs, individuelt og i fællesskab, sammen med din indre høst og den ydre høst fra Anja’s økologiske permahave.

🌿 Du vil finde og forundre dig i spiselige planter ved at sanse og studere deres farver, former og teksturer og lære om deres ‘næringsindhold’ som vil være specifikt til dig. Lad denne fordybelse i naturens rige blive en spejl til dig selv.

🌿 Der er meget viden i den ydre natur, der resonerer i vores krop og sjæl, der venter på at blive hørt, mens vi tager os tid til at lytte.

🌿 Opdage forandringen i en nyopdaget forbundethed med alt levende omkring os og i os selv.

Dagen bygges op omkring øvelser som sanse meditation, trommerejse og magisk vandring. Der vil også være tid til at dele med hinanden og skrive erfaringer ned.


About me

I live on a farm close to Viborg in Denmark with my man, our animals and all the other plant and element beings.

I offer coaching and outdoor courses and am incredibly passionate about inspiring others to reestablish the connection to themselves and nature. I love to unite the visible with the invisible, to feel a part of something bigger, to feel a sense of belonging, empowerment and purpose that encourages taking the next step here on our beloved earth.


Mentoring / Coaching since 2010

Mindfulness / Meditation since 2002

Shamanic Counseling

Non-Violent Communication


30 years in the creative industry


Needs-Based Coaching, Pernille Plantener, 2022

Nature Therapy, HEG Århus, 2021

Many courses in and around all those topics


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